Clients & Results

Achieve results with a high standard

Amy Kelling Advisors helped her clients accelerate toward their business goals in as short as one week or as long as one+ years to assist with the execution of a multi-year strategy.

The focus of the work with clients is to determine an accelerated plan to perform the most direct, critical and valuable actions to achieve results with a high standard of quality throughout the process.

Through 20+ years of consulting, Amy Kelling Advisors brings a deep knowledge of all functional aspects of business and experience with all organizational layers (from executives to analysts) in order to provide insights and solutions for complex clients and situations.

A few examples of the results provided to clients include:

  • Creating a business framework for developing and operationalizing new services.
  • Creating an accelerated, comprehensive, end-to-end view and plan to jumpstart execution.
  • Building bridges of communication between executives to achieve strategic initiatives in a compressed timeframe.
  • Defining processes and managing complex cross-organizational teams to drive toward strategic goals.
  • Developing a service proposal and participating in selling activities to generate revenue.
  • Creating processes for strategic management of multiple strategic business initiatives to manage and reduce costs.
  • Defining and developing comprehensive performance measures/metrics for improved operational management.
Success Stories