Strategic Achievement

Helping Companies Build the Foundations for Strategic Achievement

For 20 years, Amy Kelling has been consulting with large national and global clients to provide solutions to their most important, complex challenges and build their foundations for future success.

Amy Kelling Advisors provides management strategies and practices to companies needing to accelerate current strategic business initiatives, solve cross-organizational business challenges and improve organizational capabilities for growth and profit.

Examples of Some Client Results

  • Reducing targeted external and internal costs
  • Launching new customer services
  • Improving operational management
  • Improving strategic management capabilities
  • Improving company-wide cost savings
  • Improving operations through comprehensive enterprise solutions

Amy Partners with Clients in a Variety of Ways to Achieve Results

Depending on the business challenge, timing and results needed, the duration and types of work that Amy Kelling Advisors can perform will vary.

Learn about How We Work

Below are several examples of Amy’s successful work with clients:

Improve Performance

  • Move from strategy formulation to success.
  • Link strategic measures to operational initiatives.
  • Develop enterprise-wide or targeted measures.
  • Create strategic management processes for all strategic initiatives or a targeted group.
  • Achieve executive alignment and coordinated executive decision-making.
  • Achieve greater organizational performance, accountability and commitment

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Accelerating Strategic Initiatives

  • Accelerate and gain deeper insight into an underperforming initiative or group.
  • Avoid interdependency cost impacts.

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Building Cross-Organizational Collaboration

  • Reduce non-collaboration based on past negative history or work experiences.
  • Provide leadership to large, cross-organizational executive and stakeholder groups.
  • Improve executive, committee, department, team or individual collaboration.

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Choosing the Right Results Measures

  • Define new measures.
  • Prepare baseline measures before, during and after business initiatives.
  • Obtain agreement on the right measures between executives and leaders.
  • Reveal new opportunities for improvement.

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Improving End-to-End Processes

  • Design new end-to-end business processes to support future initiatives.
  • Identify process gaps and define new measures to achieve strategic goals.
  • Connect disconnected processes across departments. 

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Assessing Achievement Challenges

  • Evaluate the challenges related to an initiative or set of initiatives.
  • Evaluate the organizational challenges in relationship to critical strategic initiatives.

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