What Clients Are Saying

Helped Executives Achieve Key Strategic Initiatives
“Amy greatly assisted the executive and operational leaders with achieving the execution of key strategic initiatives. She did an excellent job communicating with senior leadership to optimize sponsorship.”

Ronald L. Copeland, MD, OPMG President and Executive Medical Director
Kaiser Permanente, Ohio Permanente Medical Group

Gained the Trust and Respect of the Senior Leadership
“Amy Kelling was a valued member of our strategic planning committee. The committee provided oversight on key short and long term plans for marketing, finance, operations and technology. Through her hard work and determination, she gained the trust and respect of the senior leadership. She also provided a unique perspective to our strategic challenges.”

Craig Faerber, CFO
Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Ohio

1st Choice for Strategic Partnering
“Amy Kelling Advisors are my first choice for strategic partnering. Amy responded to our needs with experience, innovation and integrity. These qualities are “must haves.”

Benita Gilliard, Assistant Director
The Ohio State University Medical Center

A Credible, Knowledgeable Thought Partner…and a Quick Study of Interpersonal Skills
“Amy is a credible and knowledgeable thought partner. She is results-orientated, has an ability to ‘think outside the box’ and is a quick study of interpersonal skills which allows her to forge strong working relationships quickly. She was able to assist with communication between the members of our Executive Team. She was able to work the ‘white space’ on the organizational chart and work with the various departments and all levels of our organization.”

Belva Denmark Tibbs, Vice President, Medical Operations
Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Ohio

A Trusted Colleague
“Amy Kelling is a trusted colleague who aligns her interests with those of the organization for whom she consults, in true partnership fashion.”

Eric Saltmarsh, Vice President, Operational Planning & Performance Analysis
Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, California

Demonstrates Excellence on Complex, Cross-Organizational Business Initiatives
“Amy demonstrates excellence on complex, cross-organizational business initiatives. She has an innate skill for bringing together disparate pieces of information and people across organizational lines to define and communicate the bigger picture (short term and long term) and the work that needs to be done. Her quality and consistency is always very high, and she does what is needed and more! She has an intuitive sense of seeing/recommending what needs to be done.”

Ann Scott, Director of Primary Care
Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Ohio

Thought of Things We Didn’t
“Amy Kelling thought of things we didn’t think of. She took away the worry and gave focus and momentum to our new metrics and new process initiative.”

Chris Goumas, Executive Director, National Benefits Management
Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Colorado

A Rare Skill to Work at the Strategic As Well As Detailed Levels
“Amy is a very skilled consultant with the ability to work at a high conceptual/strategic level as well as a detailed level. This is a rare skill, was needed and well-applied. She tied together and organized complex initiatives, facilitated executive alignment, appropriately created and applied tools and resources to achieve business objectives and had excellent meeting facilitation skills.”

Charles DeShazer, MD, Associate Medical Director, Quality, Clinical Performance and Research
Kaiser Permanente, Ohio Permanente Medical Group

Overcame Many Challenges in an Extremely Short Period of Time
“Amy’s ability to focus, drive, interact with all levels across the company and work across a diverse knowledge base was absolutely impressive! She demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of the strategic initiative. She is an extreme professional with many outstanding skills that make her such an asset and played an integral part in the success of the initiative. She was an invaluable leader who was able to grasp very complex concepts very quickly. She helped to overcome so many challenges in an extremely short period of time and we would not have been successful without her!”

Karen Suhy, Director, Physician Networking
Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Ohio

Can See Diverse Perspectives
“Amy Kelling helped to maintain focus and leadership for all the executives and stakeholders involved in this initiative. She helped us to see diverse perspectives throughout the work on the strategic initiatives.”

Dr. Deborah Ewing-Wilson, Assistant Medical Director for Clinical Resource Stewardship
Kaiser Permanente, Ohio Permanente Medical Group

Excellent, Consistent and High Quality Work
“I was very happy with the work that Amy Kelling provided. Her work was excellent, consistent and high quality!”

Thomas Bentley, Director of Patient Care
The Ohio State University Medical Center