Reasons to Partner with Amy

6 Reasons to Partner with Amy Kelling

1) A Trusted Advisor at Previous Clients

  • Amy has been a trusted advisor to previous clients and involved in very confidential discussions with senior executives and leadership.
  • As an experienced consultant, she knows it takes time to earn trust and respect within your organization.

2) Works at a Strategic and Detailed Level

  • She is able to translate strategy into actions, actions into execution and execution into results.

“Amy can work at a high conceptual/strategic level as well as a detailed level. This is a rare skill. She tied together complex initiatives, facilitated executive alignment and appropriately created or applied organizational assets to achieve business objectives.”

3) Broad Experience Working Up, Down and Across an Organization

  • Amy can work across almost all the departments of complex, multi-state corporate enterprises.

“Amy Kelling was a valued member of our strategic planning committee.   The committee provided oversight on key short and long term plans for marketing, finance, operations and technology.  Through her hard work and determination, she gained the trust and respect of the senior leadership. She also provided a unique perspective to our strategic challenges.”

4) Partners and Collaborates with All Roles and Management Styles

  • Amy has experience partnering with executives to analysts and a myriad of management styles/personalities across the organization.

5) A Track Record of Execution Success and High Quality Work.

6) A Strong Bias toward Action and Results.