How We Work

We can partner together at various stages of your most critical work.

  • First, we will jointly discuss the challenges you are experiencing and the impact to your organization of overcoming these challenges.
  • We will discuss your specific objectives, what constitutes success, the overall timing and any relationships to other critical work happening in the company.
  • Next, we’ll jointly discuss approaches that would work best within your organization to address your business challenges.
  • At this point, I will offer you two or three options for how Amy Kelling Advisors can help you. 

Working with organizations to execute more effectively often requires a more embedded/collaborative type of engagement with you and with others inside the organization.

As we move forward, I will collaboratively work with you and all the appropriate executives and stakeholders to promote the needed actions and alignment around the discussed solution.  Also, a plan for any internal support and any appropriate transitions at the close of the work will be discussed up front.

Amy Kelling Advisors brings experience with complex organizations and a strong partnering commitment to provide a comprehensive view, new ideas and practical solutions to your current business challenges.

Initially, there is always a component of getting to know your organization, but once I learn it, this will enable more valuable, objective insights to help your organization to execute more excellently.