Client Success Stories

Achieve Broad Cost Savings

One of the largest national health systems needed urgent assistance in defining, controlling and aggressively executing on 30+ cost-saving strategic initiatives. The goal was to continue a turn-a-round effort and save $50-60M over a two year period.
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Beat the Clock to Reduce Delays and Costs

A national health system was implementing a large referrals initiative that was woefully off track by about 3 months. This initiative was foundational for future cost saving opportunities to improve the management of external and internal referrals.
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Reveal New, Cross-Regional Opportunities

A national organization needed to develop common operational measures, targets and consistent business processes across eight (8) regions in order to gain management insights to identify opportunities for improvement.
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Improve End-to-End Processes – A Multi-Year Strategy

A large health system wanted to reduce costs related to outside network referrals and maximize internal care referrals. This work involved multiple phases and each one was foundational to the next:

  • Performed a gap analysis of business processes.
  • Identified and facilitated agreement on the performance measures across clinical and non-clinical executive leaders.
  • Prepared business requirements and integrated these into the design for future referrals.
  • Leveraged new opportunities for performance improvement after the new referrals processes were in place.

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Address Urgent Issues

The national leadership of a multi-regional organization wanted to assess the capabilities of one region. An internal leader from a high performing region was leveraged to provide the specific clinical recommendations and obtain input regarding all of the challenges.
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Build a Bridge Across Business Lines

Extreme scrutiny was being exerted onto a senior leadership team to aggressively execute on multiple strategic initiatives. The pressure to execute along with previously strained partnerships between the executives did not form a strong foundation for execution excellence. As a result, communications, information flow, executive alignment, coordinated actions and decision making were diminished and threatened the organization’s success.
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