Build a Bridge Across Business Lines

The Situation:

Extreme scrutiny was being exerted onto a senior leadership team to aggressively execute on multiple strategic initiatives. The pressure to execute along with previously strained partnerships between the executives did not form a strong foundation for execution excellence. As a result, communications, information flow, executive alignment, coordinated actions and decision making were diminished and threatened the organization’s success.

Elements of the Approach:

In the short term, Amy worked with the senior and other executive leaders to act as a “bridge” by playing a cross-communication and support role between executives. Some actions entailed providing key information from investigations into organizational issues and the facilitation of the sometimes challenging executive meetings.

Business Impact:

In working with the executives and being able to cross the lines of business (being able to “walk both sides of the executive aisle”), Amy enabled the following benefits to the organization:

  • Optimized sponsorship and alignment for faster decision-making regarding issues and initiatives.
  • Increased decision clarity and reduced “spin” across the senior executives and direct reports.

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“Amy greatly assisted the executive and operational leaders with achieving the execution of key strategic initiatives. She did an excellent job communicating with senior leadership to optimize sponsorship.”

Dr. Ronald L. Copeland, President and Executive Medical Director
Kaiser Permanente, Ohio Permanente Medical Group